expansion bus

expansion bus
bus which connects between an expansion board and the computer

English contemporary dictionary. 2014.

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  • Expansion bus — An expansion bus is made up of electronic pathways which move information between the code of a computer system, including the CPU and RAM, and peripheral devices. It is a collection of wires and protocols that allows for the expansion of a… …   Wikipedia

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  • expansion bus bottleneck — backlog of information traveling along an expansion bus …   English contemporary dictionary

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  • expansion slot —    One of the connectors on the expansion bus that gives an adapter access to the system bus. You can install as many additional adapters as there are expansion slots inside your computer. For portable computers, an expansion slot is often… …   Dictionary of networking

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  • expansion unit —    An external housing available with certain portable computers designed to contain additional expansion slots and maintain a connection to the main expansion bus in the computer s system unit.    See also port replicator …   Dictionary of networking

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